Summer Staff Application

If you would like to preview the application to prepare your responses, a PDF version is available for download here: 2019 Application. You can also print, fill out and mail your application to us.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! Once you start the application, finish it as quickly as possible, as it will time out and you may lose your answers. After you’ve clicked¬†Next Page, DO NOT hit Back button. Type answers in a word document, in case the page times out. ¬†IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL AFTER YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION, IT DO NOT GO THROUGH.


General Info
  1. (valid email required)
  1. Rock Wall: Belay climbers and manage zip line
  2. Waterfront: Lifeguard at our lake
  3. Support Staff: Fill in when staff are absent, run camp store, work random jobs, run laser tag, help in kitchen
  4. Media Team: Photography, social media, basic sound and serve on Support Staff
  5. Field of Interest
  1. All staffers are required to attend a mandatory work week for training (May 20- May 27)
  2. Which Session are you wanting to work?
  1. Work Reference
  2. Character Reference