For Leaders

Ministers and Group Leaders:

Camp WOW is an independent Christian youth camp.  We have the latest in outdoor recreation, as well as, top-notch facilities.  We offer the same activities and facilities of most private camps while still allowing you the freedom of choosing your speaker, worship leaders, and schedule.  We take care of all the details and allow you to invest in your students.

Basic Summer Pricing

4 Night Camp -$210 per person (minimum of 325-400 depending on date)

5 Night Camp – $250 per person (minimum of 325)

See the services and facilities we provide here, Services Provided

Price includes: Waterfront & Lake, Rockwall & Ziplines, Organized Rec, Meals, Dorm accommodations, Worship Center including basic sound & visual set-up, Cafeteria, and multiple Game Rooms.

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These are just a few of the options for our one-of-a-kind Late Night Parties. We also add tons of fun food options like  specialty ice cream, root beer floats and much more. For more information, options and pricing, see our LATE NIGHT FLYER!

Western Night: Buford the Mechanical Bull, Western-style Line Dancing, Hayrides, and western decorations.

Black Light Party: Our Party Barn full of blacklights, play extreme glow dodgeball, or do “hip-hop” style line dances and dance-offs.

Fireworks: Our fireworks show is AMAZING! It is truly one of the most unique fireworks show you will ever see. Watching eye level, from on top of our big hill, makes a night to remember!