Snack Shack

As the only wooden building at Camp WOW, our Snack Shack can’t be missed, and you don’t want to!  Inside is a camp store which offers various foods and drinks, in addition to Camp WOW merchandise.  If you get hungry between meal times, the Snack Shack has you covered with hot foods including chicken strips, pizza, fries, nachos, and popcorn.  If you’d rather just have a snack, we have candy and various novelty ice cream products.  Thirsty?  The Snack Shack also provides sodas, water, gatorade, and slushies for purchase.  If you’re looking to buy some WOW swag, we have shirts, hats, sunglasses, water bottles and much more!

Below is a list of some of snacks, drinks, and merchandise along with prices, which will give you a better idea of how much money your camper will spend/need while they’re here.
Canned Soda/Bottled Water: $1
Gatorade: $2
Slushy: $1
Assorted Candy: $1-$2
Ice Cream Bars: $1-$2
French Fries: $3
Nachos: $2
Chicken Strips: $4
Bosco Sticks: $3
Pizza: $3
Shirts: $8-$20
Water Bottles: $8-$15
Sunglasses: $5

Just to give you a few ideas! There’s SO much more….