Bored??? You won’t be at Camp WOW!  We offer a variety of activities sure to keep your group busy and having a blast.  Whether they are jumping wakes while tubing or leaping from a telephone pole, your students and leaders will have an unforgettable experience at Camp WOW.  Here are some of the activities we have available:

Our Waterfront consists of several different activities that let campers cool off and have some fun. In the deep end of our swimming area, we have a water zip-line, slide, rings, blob, and jump dock. Our shallow end offers water polo, basketball, lily pads, and a log roll. We also have tubing and canoeing available on our larger lake.

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Our High Ropes elements consist of a 3-sided climbing wall with different skill levels from beginning to expert. We also have a cargo net to climb to the top of our tower. Once you get to the top we have 2 separate 250 ft. zip lines to get you down fast. We also have the Power Pole. This is where you scale a 30 foot telephone pole and leap from the top of it to try and grab a trapeze. The High Ropes are a great place to learn to trust and depend on other people to overcome your fears.

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Camp WOW does all the planning, officiating, scheduling, and has all the supplies for rec time. All you have to do is bring your group ready to get crazy and have fun.

Our recreation is as diverse as our campers. We have all the classic sports, some Camp WOW variations, and just crazy games. Whether you are athletic or not, we have a game for you. All of our games have a strong emphasis on the team aspect of camp. Some of our games are designed to just be a blast and may not be as competitive as some. You will play games that you have never even heard of but will soon become some of your favorites.

We have several rec fields and plenty of space for activity, including covered basketball courts with 6 goals, 2 sand volleyball courts, 2 gaga ball pits, 2 human foosball courts, waterfront, low ropes elements, and a challenge course. This allows us to have up to 30 different teams playing at once with no waiting. Camp WOW is laid out in such a way so that all of the fields are close together, so you won’t spend all your rec time walking from place to place.

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In our Low Ropes section we have 8 different team building elements. We have the small climbing wall, trust fall, spider web, balance beams, the islands, trust v, teeter totter, and the center stone. At each station students discuss the obstacles that they face in life and how Jesus Christ and others can make a difference in their everyday life. The low ropes course is a powerful teaching tool for any group.

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We offer a variety of “late night” parties for groups to purchase.  For each party, Camp WOW staff organizes and runs a variety of activities sure to keep your students having fun for 1-2 hours.

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Camp WOW is now offering an exciting, new adventure sport called Archery Tag! Students team up, each person using a bow and arrows (with soft tips), to “tag” each other and compete on our wooded Archery Tag course. You get all the fun of paintball, but without the pain.  Archery Tag can be added as a group option or it can be purchased individually during summer camps.

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