Camp WOW’s stated mission is to Reach, Grow, and Send out students to impact the world for Christ.  We do this primarily through our summer camp ministry.  However, in an effort to expand our reach, we are developing programs to be intentionally missional in our work.  Though in its infancy at this time, we hope Camp WOW missions will have a lasting and global impact.  Currently, we are planning specific mission projects and helping to support those involved in missions throughout the world.  If you have any questions about Camp WOW and our mission endeavors, please contact our Missions Coordinator, Jenna Kuhlman.

Lighthouse of Prayer Nicaragua Crusades


Lighthouse of Prayer Church, located in Arpelar, Oklahoma, travels annually to Nicaragua to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has opened the doors of public schools in Nicaragua, for the love of God to be shared. Lighthouse teams with local pastors and congregations for outreach in their communities and schools.  Along with the Gospel, small gifts of rice packs, pencils or trinkets, and the Gospel of John pamphlets are given to students, parents and teachers. Our primary city for outreach is Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We have been building relationships with the pastors and others in the city for 8 years now!

Our typical summer missionary group is not limited to only members of the Lighthouse of Prayer. We welcome anyone who wants to join this mission of love. For the past 3 years Camp WOW has supported and joined Lighthouse in Nicaragua. We are so appreciative of Camp WOW and their support!

Bobby & Kelli Higginbotham (Tacoma, WA)

Bobby and Kelli both served at Camp WOW for several years, with Bobby ultimately becoming our Assistant Director.  In 2008, the Higginbotham’s left camp to enter the mission field by planting a church in Washington.  Today, Bobby is the pastor of The Pathway, a church seeking to minister to the city of Tacoma, WA.  They have a very difficult ministry as they minister to a predominantly un-churched community.  For more information, go to http://www.thepathwaytacoma.com or email Bobby.

Way of the Cross Ministries (Harlingen, TX)

We have been serving with and supporting WOTC Ministries for several years. The past 2 years, our staff has traveled to Nicaragua with WOTC to help with a medical mission trip called MedFest. We have also joined them in Mexico for the Big Feed and in The Rio Grande Valley for Celebrate Jesus Festival. We love the opportunities WOTC has offered us and their hearts to reach the Hispanic people with the Hope of the Gospel.

For more information on Way of the Cross Ministries, you can visit their website at http://www.wotc.org/ .

We typically have 2-3 mission trips a year planned for our staff to be involved in. We are always looking for new opportunities and ways to serve and Share the Gospel. If you have any information on ministry opportunities or local outreaches Camp WOW Missions can be a part of, please contact Jenna.

While our staff are willing to GO, they often don’t have the finances to do so. If you feel lead to donate to Camp WOW Missions, you can do so tax-free! Contact us for more information.

Our desire is to reach the lost with the Love of Christ, by whatever means necessary! We appreciate your prayers and support!

For more information about Camp WOW Missions and upcoming trips, please visit our Camp WOW Missions website.